Key to future trade growth – Market Access

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26 Sep

Key to future trade growth – Market Access

According to the conclusion of the introductory Santander Trade Barometer , although the business community in the UK is evidently concerned about a post ‘Brexit’ business environment, it does remain confident about the future of trade & exporting in the times to come.

John Carroll, head of international, Santander corporate and commercial, says,


‘In the current uncertain environment, British businesses undoubtedly see increasing risks on the horizon. Yet we should not mistake concerns about the wider trade environment for a sense of pervading doom and gloom. The Barometer showcases the resilience and confidence of our established and outward looking businesses. There is a clear desire from businesses to get out there and make the most of opportunities for growth.’


At ‘Tails Trading’, we realize that the key to future trade growth is MARKET ACCESS, & that’s precisely what we aim to provide our partners.

Let’s go back to what Carroll says –

‘Realizing the wider horizons of a global Britain means focusing on the essentials, as we look to a post-Brexit trade policy this means working to bridge the skills gap, cut trade-related bureaucracy and showcase opportunities, especially with those businesses that haven’t yet started trading internationally or in certain markets.’


Current market insights in the UK suggest that, businesses that are currently not trading internationally cite difficulties in securing reliable foreign representation to support sales (77 per cent), challenges in identifying the opportunities available (77 per cent) and their ability to contact potential new customers (70 per cent), with the additional need to focus on building a strong UK domestic base (86 per cent) as barriers to trading internationally.

This is where ‘Tails Trading’ offers an advantageous business position to our associates. Our unique business model involves sourcing goods from the UK and selling them in the international market. We partner with Small & Medium sized enterprises (SME) who are ‘suppliers’ of the products we trade in, which are widely ranged as we do not restrict ourselves to specific or limited industries because we believe that a wider range of products ensures a greater access to all kinds of markets, hence providing a larger consumer base to our partners.