LifeStyle Products


Food supplements

We offer an extensive range of natural health supplements like vitamins, minerals & other nutritive essentials & immunity boosters at competitive prices keeping in mind the fast paced & challenging lifestyle of people All our products are Manufactured in the UK under GMP standards using only top quality ingredients.


All our luxury furniture pieces are made in Britain, start to finish. The craftsmen are trained professionals & the materials are locally procured, resulting in a best of British premium quality furniture. From solid wood and distinctive leather furniture to hand crafted traditional master pieces, we ensure a seal of British quality & renowned guarantees.


We bring to you the finest, high quality cutlery and flatware that is made in UK, for an extraordinary, luxurious fine dining experience. Whether you’re looking for silver plated, sterling silver, stainless steel traditional cutlery or more contemporary glass or porcelain designs, we are your one stop luxury shop!


Stationary Is an essential modern day item of daily use but that doesn’t imply it cannot be stylish or extravagant! We offer high quality British made stationary items ranging from custom made pens to luxury journals to make your study or office a reflection of your personal style.

Sports / Fitness Equipment

From cricket to golf, basket ball to baseball, lawn tennis to billiards, for the sporting enthusiast to gymnasium essentials for the fitness freak, we proudly associate ourselves with British manufacturers of all kinds of sports & fitness equipment, thus ensuring superior quality, fine English craftsmanship, & a British seal of trust.

Personal Care Range

Our wide range of personal care products includes cruelty-free, natural, luxury cosmetics , skin – care, hair care & hygiene essentials. Made only from the finest quality, medically approved ingredients our makeup products from pioneering ethical beauty product manufacturers, make for must have beauty essentials. Some of the products in this category include bath essentials (luxury hand- made soaps, shower gels, face gels etc) skin care range (select moisturisers, skin creams, skin regiment essentials, masks etc) hair care products (luxury shampoos, conditioners, rare essential oils etc) cosmetics (lip color, eye make-up, nail enamel, concealer, foundation, body shimmer etc) & feminine hygiene products ( intimate wash, sanitary napkins, tampons etc) all made in Britain.

Home Essentials & Decorative Items

Make your home a hub of comfort, style & luxury with our extensive range of British made home essentials like decorative candles, ornamental furniture pieces , wallpapers, finishing tiles, wall hangings, artifacts or the more basic home needs like bed linen, table ware, upholstery, curtains, bath towels, cushion covers, duvets, blankets etc.