Luxury Products


Expensive Watches

Watch making is, historically, a British Trade. In 1800 Britain made around half of the world’s watches; around 200,000 pieces a year. By 1900 the quantity produced in Britain had declined by half, despite the worldwide market for watches having risen into the millions. We seek to widen the consumer base for “Made in Britain” fine watches designed, built and tested to exacting standards using high-quality modern and ‘new-old-stock’ vintage British mechanical watch movement thus restoring the royal glory to the British brand of watch making that it truly deserves.

Whiskey & other spirits

Classic British spirits are the best of the best. Whether your spirit is whiskey, gin, vodka or something out of the ordinary, we bring forth only the finest of British spirits ranging dry gin made using water from  Lydwell Spring, ta deep red Morello cherry liqueur with punchy fruity layers of ripe cherry, made from its own vodka.


One simply cannot experience the famous British “Tea Culture “without 100% British made tea leaves. There are currently almost 1,500 different teas in Britain. They all vary in style, taste and colour. Truly, a wide variety of flavorful morning & evening tea variants.


There’s been a ‘Made in Britain” fashion revival in the apparel industry – for those who can afford it! In the UK manufacturing of menswear, formal wear continues to be strong. There’s plenty of fabric production in the UK from various locations.


We bring forth a beautiful array of only the finest, most delicate & more importantly, ethically designed British made jewelry for the ornament enthusiast.



An exquisite collection of fragrances, all crafted in England, ranging from luxury & vintage scents to organic and natural perfumes.


From heels to brogues, sandals to work boots, our association with well over 30 British-made shoe brands makes for the ultimate must own collection of British-made shoes, including everything from baby shoes to work boots, occasion heals to casual trainers.


Indulge in a scrumptious selection from some of the finest British chocolatiers with something for everyone, from traditionalists to those who seek imaginative and unusual explosions of flavor.


Britain has a strong boat-building heritage, launching some beautiful and historically important yachts. Today, British super yacht building is unassuming in its dominance. Britain holds the 4th rank in the 2015 Global Order Book We aim to bring the “British super yacht” to the centerfold of the world of ultimate luxury.


Discover beautiful eye-wear designed, manufactured & tested in England. Produced from high quality materials and made to last British luxury eye-wear, with only the finest craftsmanship & irrefutably chic style.

Bags & Accessories

Rediscover luxury & style with our wide range of British made bags & accessories. From ‘Carpet Bags’ that are individually made to collections comprising clean, classic shapes with an emphasis on using the finest materials or a choice of  luxury handmade, high-end fashion accessories, available to order in a range of finishes (leathers, fabrics, precious metals, gems and crystals).