Technology Products


Laptops/ mobiles/ smart devices

From regular modern day essential technological devices like smart phones, laptops, tablets, smart T.Vs to their customized, luxury counterparts, we bring you the best of British manufactured technology that is built to last long, work smooth & exude luxury!

Home Automation

Home automation devices or ‘smart home gadgets’ are modern home essentials that include a wide range of functionalities from securing your house to adjusting the heating or cooling to your liking. Whether it is lighting bulbs that can be set to 16 million colours or a smart cam that allows you to see what your dog is up to while you’re away at work or grocery shopping, we take it upon ourselves to ensure we bring you the superior British quality, durable & sustainable gadgets to prep up your home & make your life easy.

Entertainment Systems

Come home to the best music systems, Network players, Home Theaters, Turntables etc that are up-gradable, future-proof & precision made in Great Britain.

Musical Instruments

Music has no language but instruments do have quality standards & brands do have value! With that in mind, we have collaborated with some of the best British manufacturers of musical instruments that stand for high quality & ethical value. Discover the latest music equipment and musical instruments like guitars, saxophones, drums, pianos etc, all Made in Britain.

Device Accessories

We hold a great collection of custom made & stylized phone cases, gadget wires, television accessories, laptop skins, charger pockets etc to chose from, that lend a personal touch to your style statement.