Why Asia

Asia holds immense potential for British brands. These are strong historical links between Britain and many Asian countries and the UK’s exports to countries such as India and China are on the rise. It is set to become an increasingly important market for British products.

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British goods are in high demand in Asia. Research shows that, across the region, consumers are prepared to spend more on goods made in Britain. British goods' reputation for quality and style precedes them. This is a trend that's increasing with millennials.

Booming Markets

Asia's economies are booming, wages are rising and the population is growing. The region has the highest number of millionaires and billionaires on any continent and has the fastest-growing middle class in the world, with an increasingly disposable income.


Exporting to Asia gives British brands access to a population of 4.4 billion people. With Tails Trading, exporting to Asia has never been simpler or less risky. Asia holds immense potential for UK SMEs to stimulate growth and take their brand global.


Brexit inevitably means the UK must shift its focus from the EU - which currently accounts for nearly half of UK exports - to the rest of the world. As City A.M. recently stated, "Perhaps companies like Tails Trading could be integral to making a success of Brexit".

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