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We work with the global leading brands to bring the highest quality goods. There is an increasing demand for everything from whiskey to designer handbags and we work across a highly diverse range of industries to fulfil this.

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Food & Drink

The demand for the quality food and drink products is increasing rapidly. Among the rising middle classes, there is a taste for various customs and traditions - from enjoying a full-bodied single malt Scottish whisky to sipping a quintessentially British cup of tea or savouring the Swiss chocolatiers' creations.

Luxury Goods

There's a huge demand for the luxury good all over the world. The surveys show that global consumers are prepared to pay more for the goods because of their perceived quality. There is a real appetite for luxury goods, from both well-known and up and coming designers.


The world over, there's an increasing interest in the quality of the craftsmanship, as well as its style. Beautifully crafted furniture, state-of-the-art kitchens and luxury home accessories made in workshops and combining centuries-old traditions with the latest technology, are increasingly desirable.

Industrial & Agricultural

The global industrial, aeronautical and farming machinery is trusted and respected amongst different governments and companies alike. Many countries worldwide are currently investing heavily in infrastructure and urbanisation.


The innovative tech solutions proliferating from hundreds of leading global tech companies are building the industry's approach worldwide. They are the ones creating the global trends.


From the highest fashion brands to the new finds, globally-designed couture, shoes, handbags and perfumes are in high demand with luxury consumers all over the world.

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