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‘Tails Trading’ - Who we are & why we matter !

We are a company with a bold vision & a unique business model that centers on sourcing goods from the UK and selling them in the international market. We partner with Small & Medium sized enterprises (SME) who are ‘suppliers’ of the products we trade in, which are widely ranged as we do not restrict ourselves to specific or limited industries because we believe that a wider range of products ensures a greater access to all kinds of markets, hence providing a larger consumer base to our partners.

Our Products

There’s been a tremendous shift in the last decade or so in international market trends & business mentalities. The world has become a ‘global village’ where capitalism has thrived & the aim is to make as many goods in as short a time as possible. This has led to a compromise in product quality & has resulted in a lot of dissatisfaction among consumers. The modern day buyer is more aware than ever of the fact that a lower price tag also implicates, in most cases, a lower quality & is, therefore, more inclined to buy something that is a tad bit expensive but will last longer. Where once, the “Made in Britain” label was perceived as a dent on the pocket for consumers, it is now increasingly being accepted as a promise of quality. Our aim is to open venues of business & an increased consumer base for ‘British built’, superior quality products, which would be beneficial to both British manufacturers & global consumers.


Watch making is, historically, a British Trade. In 1800 Britain made around half of the world’s watches; around 200,000 pieces a year. By 1900 the quantity produced in Britain had declined by half, despite the worldwide market for watches having risen into the millions.


We believe in all things British! And that includes quality farm machinery & agricultural equipment. We boast of a great range of quality British made agricultural machinery that includes heavy farming equipment to machinery that aids in Soil Preparation-Seeding-Fertilization–Shredding-Hay/Silage Making-Bedding & Feeding.

Life Style

We offer an extensive range of natural health supplements like vitamins, minerals & other nutritive essentials & immunity boosters at competitive prices keeping in mind the fast paced & challenging lifestyle of people All our products are Manufactured in the UK under GMP standards using only top quality ingredients.


From regular modern day essential technological devices like smart phones, laptops, tablets, smart T.Vs to their customized, luxury counterparts, we bring you the best of British manufactured technology that is built to last long, work smooth & exude luxury!