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The Low-Risk Way to Distribute Globally

Why Export Globally


The quality goods are in high demand all over the world. The research shows that, across the region, consumers are prepared to spend more on the goods because of their quality.


The economies all over the world are booming. Most of the regions have the fast growing middle class, with an increasingly disposable income.


Global markets are increasingly important destinations with the exports growing rapidly.

Export Markets


Private consumption in Africa accounts for 60.1 % of its Nominal GDP and is forecast to grow in boosting its share of the overall economy. The conditions in most African economies have improved significantly in the last 15 years and it's predicted to rise in the future.


Asian consumers are expected to account for half of global consumption growth in the next decade, equivalent to a $10 trillion opportunity. The productivity as a contribution to GDP growth stands at 86% and The Centre for Economic and Business Research predicts that China will overtake US by 2028.


Australia economy is the world’s 13th largest and it's rated AAA by all three global rating agencies. There's a forecast of average annual real GDP growth of 2.9 per cent over the next five years – the highest among major advanced economies.


Despite mounting headwinds, the EU economy is projected to keep expanding over the forecast horizon, achieving a growth rate of 5%, 4.3% and 2.5% in 2021, 2022 and 2023 respectively. The productivity as a contribution to GDP growth stands at 51%. The Centre for Economic and Business Research predicts that the UK will be the European market leader by 2028.

North America

According to the CBO (Gross Domestic Products of the United States of America), the United States GDP will increase steadily over the next decade from 21.22 trillion U.S. dollars in 2019 to 32 trillion U.S. dollars in 2030. The productivity in North America as a contribution to GDP growth stands at 69%.

South America

Latin America has enjoyed strong levels of growth over the past 15 years. The new report from management consulting firm McKinsey & Company has explored the key trends affecting growth in Latin America and determined that much of it is the result of the labour input, while improvements in productivity added 22% of the total growth.

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