Tails Trading offers an innovative new solution for exporting worldwide – going beyond the normal consultancy services provided by most companies and investing in every step of the process of launching your products in the global marketplace.


We carefully assess the market for and potential of each product globally, using years of expertise and in-depth local knowledge.


We invest in the brands we work with - whether that’s so they can hire more staff or extend a factory - to enable them to meet increased demand for their product.

Upfront Payment

We pay the companies upfront for the goods we export globally - meaning we take all the risk when a product is launched in a new market, so our partner doesn’t have to.


We work closely with every brand and our local teams to successfully target the marketing and packaging for each product to the local marketplace it is being sold into.


With the help of our local teams in each country, we navigate the process of getting your product trademarked globally to protect your intellectual property as quickly and effectively as possible.


We manage the distribution side of things - handling the process of getting goods into the new marketplace, without long delays at customs.

Who Do We Work With?

We work with multiple global brands who craft high-quality goods. We work across an incredibly diverse range of industries - from gin distillers to Scottish silversmiths, to sportswear brands.

Get in touch to find out if there is a demand for your product and discover how we can help you successfully launch into a new market.

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