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4 Common Exporting Mistakes to Avoid

Exporting is a brilliant way to take your business up a gear, but first-time exporters to Asia often fall into the same traps – here are the top ones to watch out for:

  1. First-time exporters often misunderstand local cultural differences when exporting to Asia and this can cause huge difficulties. Cultural awareness is key to a brand’s success and even something very simple can make the difference. For instance, a company trying to sell a green hat in China is likely to fail as, within local culture, if a man wears a green hat it means his wife is cheating on him!
  2. Timing is another thing first-time exporters often get wrong. Everything from local festivals to weather patterns must be considered carefully – seasons for clothing and food in particular are very sensitive.
  3. Location is another element that often trips people up. The tendency is to target the biggest or most famous cities within a country first when launching a new product. However, this isn’t always the best policy. If launching a fashion brand in Asia, for instance, it could flop if the city is particularly politically sensitive but fly in a more commercial city. Even within the same country, mindset can be completely different.
  4. First time exporters also frequently run into legal problems. Where jurisdictions vary by regions within a country this can be particularly tricky. For example, a brand could enter Hong Kong but find they can’t enter the Chinese mainland due to it being under a different jurisdiction. Never make assumptions.

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